WS Photo Challenge

WSPhotoChallenge is a photo challenge organised by Witrian and Steve.
A theme will be announced at the start of every Month (previously every week) and everyone is welcomed to participate.

To participate WSPhotoChallenge:

  • Visit our Facebook Page for any updates and the latest theme
  • Method 1 (for blogger):
    Create a new post on your blog titled “WS Photo Challenge: (current week’s theme)” and include images that fit the theme. Tag your post with “WSPhotoChallenge” so that others can find your contribution. (Please FB inbox us or comment under my post if we didn’t mention for your contribution.)
  • Method 2:
    Submit your image through the URL given with the theme.
    At the end of the month, we will showcase all of the photos submitted in a Facebook album.
  • Method 3:
    Inbox us your related post URL or photo through Facebook.
  • The most important: Have fun!

Current Theme: –
(I am sorry but the challenge is temporarily not available due to personal reasons of admin. Hope it will come back soon.)

Submission Link:

My attempt:
Week 01 – RED
Week 02 – Words
Week 03 – Circle(s)
Week 04 – Smile
Week 05 – Green
Week 06 – Building
Week 07 – Light
Week 08 – Old
Week 09 – Motion
Week 10 – Food
Week  11 – Black and White

July 2016 – Night
August 2016 – Minimalist

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