Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week,
Weekly Photo Challenge has selected a very good theme
Which I very like it
It is Reflection

I like reflection!
And I still can remember my first photo challenge is Reflection!

here is my entry~

IMG_8861-Edited [1024x768]

This photo is taken in Hong Kong International Airport.
What I like is the combination of blue and red sky~

IMG_4032-Edited [1024x768]

This photo is taken in Gold Coast Morib, Malaysia.
I like the reflection of the sunset~

I think you would also like to watch these previous photos
There are more “Reflection” inside:

Unofficial Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections
IMG_0087 [800x600]

Hope you enjoy~

And kindly leave your comments
Comments are always welcomed!

More photos?
You can see my entries of Weekly Photo Challenge here. [This is the link]
And not forget the other photo challenges. [This is the link]
OR you may just click on the Tags.

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Please contact me.


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