A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue and White


I think today I a bit insane…
Joining the second photo challenge.
(First challenge today is Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 2)

I think that is because
I have been taking photos but not sharing out for 2 years
and I have some feeling to share with others.

Okay, back to the story,
This is “A Photo a Week Challenge” held by nancy merrill.

And this week theme is “Blue and White
I like this theme as it made me think of “Sky”~

Here is my entry~
IMG_3955-Edited [1024x768]

I took this photo in Gold Coast Morib, Malaysia.
Hope you all like it~

I think you would also like to watch these previous photos
There are more”Blue and White” inside:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Capture the CLOUD
Dragon or ?

Looking UP to the SKY!
microphone[21-4-2012] [800x600]

More photos?
You can see my entries of Weekly Photo Challenge here. [This is the link]
And not forget the other photo challenges. [This is the link]
OR you may just click on the Tags.

Any enquiries?
Please contact me.


5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue and White

    1. Thanks for the support.
      By the way, it will be always summer or spring in Malaysia.
      Maybe, you can visit here to enjoy the beach.
      And who knows, someday I will be enjoying the snow in winter.

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